Development of a fully functioning online repository (Intellectual Output 2 – IO2) covering two main functions:

  • material will include general knowledge on what cloud-computing is, why and how we use and need it from the perspective of school education
  • it will also include didactic tools on how to teach children on this subject.

Based on the results of the gap analysis, we will get a clear insight into the real existing needs in terms of education of teachers on the subject of cloud-based services. Our preliminary research shows that there is a section of teachers who feel comfortable using cloud-based technologies, but that predominantly, they yet have to discover the full value and potential.

The final result will be an online repository of open-education resources for teachers on this very important subject. In this repository, they will be able to find materials to familiarize themselves with the topic (irrespective of their current level of knowledge) and read in our compendium widely about the cloud. We will include in our repository not only materials directly produced by the project partners, but also references and resources by other authors, which are applicable and useful in this context. Besides that, the online repository will incorporate a handbook on suggestions how to introduce this topic to children of different age: which tools can be safely used at what age, where adult supervision is required, how can parents control their kids accessing cloud architecture. Above all, the handbook will strive to motivate teachers to integrate this topic in their regular classes. It will demonstrate that this is not an ICT topic, but rather, with cloud being a metaphor for the all-present internet, something that is needed by most of us every day of the week.