Together with completing the pilot, this intellectual output (IO3) will put together the best practices of the pilot, but also suggestions on what to adjust, which parts of the educational materials for teachers should be enriched, which parts appended. It will give teachers insights into preparations they need to make to be certain to have mastered the topic sufficiently, prior to taking it into the classroom.

The educational materials will be integrated into the learning environments of project partners using the online repository. The main objective of this process is twofold. On the one hand, this will support partners in their efforts in planning, implementing and evaluating innovative and efficient approaches in learning about the cloud. On the other hand, this will contribute to the popularization of cloud as a topic among the wider audience of educators.

The aim of piloting is to deploy and test the materials developed in IO2 in encounters with different target groups (teacher of different subjects and levels of teaching) and in different local, regional and national environments. The materials will be tested through in-school face-to-face training. The underlying methodology of the materials will be assessed and data about the effectiveness of learning obtained, together with indicators on how to improve the content or form of deployment.

Following on the pilot, a set of recommendations will be made. They will not only encompass the results of the pilot (evaluation of efficiency and success-rate of the materials produced in IO2), but they will include recommendations for teachers, based on best practices, on strategic implementation of the subject of cloud-computing in their teaching.