These materials will be composed of a series of small-scale school projects for different school age groups, which can be used in different classes (language and literature, music, arts, mathematics, science, etc.). It is imperative that these materials are highly usable to a wide section of teachers and children. We will demonstrate through this material, how teachers can achieve the required learning outcomes in their programmes by using cloud-computing.

The results of gap analysis (IO1) will be instrumental in setting the stage for this output (IO4), as well. It will show us if and where cloud-related content is being used and/or taught about/with in schools that were analyzed. Based on this we will be able to conclude where the areas for further advances are. We will get a clearer picture about which cloud-based tools are being used in schools for teaching purposes and which not (and why!), and we will sketch use-cases when those tools can be most meaningfully applied (collaboration, communication, distribution, exchange, SaaS).

The primary target group of IO4 materials are pupils of different age. Relying on the expertise of project partners, we will build an online repository of educational materials for in-class use. We will divide the materials based on subject-area (in which we employ cloud-based tools), age, interest groups. We will have materials aiming to teach cloud computing facts for kids, in order to show them the advantages of the cloud. We will demonstrate how in the same way electricity supply is outsourced (users can simply use it, they do not worry where it came from, how it is made or transported, and they pay for what they consume), we will show them with examples that cloud-architecture functions that way too: the user can simply use storage, computing power, or specially crafted development environments, without having to worry how these work internally. Our learning materials will show to the pupils that their numerous devices (computers, laptops, mobiles, sensors, etc.) all connect to the cloud and utilize whatever they need there to function.

Together with that, we will provide a series of very innovative cross-curricular learning object objects, small-scale projects that can be implemented in every-day school teaching environments. The idea behind it is to demonstrate that cloud-based services are a tool for wide sections of population, not only elitists, and especially not only ICT-focused subjects. We will organize the materials to be appealing to both teachers and pupils, and we will make it transnational from the very start. Project-based materials will be focused on topics that are shared by all national curricula in the EU, so as to enlarge the basis of future users.