Kids in Clouds Erasmus+ project partners are busy creating digital learning materials for children, which will be designed as interdisciplinary projects ready for implementation in learning environments of primary and secondary schools across Europe.

Partners’ aim is to encourage students to use cloud-based tools and thus learn more easily, practically, effectively and interactively. Finally, engaging with cloud tools, students will embrace cloud as a natural environment for learning and working. And since cloud tools will definitely continue being an important part of professional environment, partners are delighted to help in shaping the future!

In order to discuss progress on our project, another Transnational Meeting was organized. College Jules Reydellet was partner responsible for organizing this meeting. Project team from College Jules Reydellet hosted the meeting at their school, located at Saint-Denis, Réunion (France). Thanks to the efforts of our partners, meeting was held successfully on 31st May and 1st of July.

The meeting was very successful and the main discussions were about creating digital learning materials for children, as part of Intellectual Output 4. For this purpose, project partners’ team members are creating interdisciplinary projects which encompasses creating teaching scenarios and all needed learning materials. Partners are designing creative materials that will help students to learn Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Literacy, Art, Music and many other interdisciplinary topics with the help of cloud tools.

How will these interdisciplinary projects look like as a final result? Partners are striving to create comprehensive teaching scenarios as guidelines for teachers that will implement these projects. This means that teachers will teach about diverse topics as part of one project, achieving correlation between classic school subjects and thus encourage students to learn and solve problems in an interdisciplinary way.

On the other hand, partners are also creating many learning materials in cloud tools that will instantly show students how fun, easy and practical work in the cloud environment can be. Moreover, during classes, they will solve interdisciplinary activities and tasks which will help them to master the skill of critical thinking. Once finalized, materials will be free of charge, online resources available in four languages – Bulgarian, Croatian, English and French.

Finally, during the Transnational Meeting in France, project partners had the opportunity to observe classes and share experience with their colleagues.

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