Kids in Clouds project partners are trying to introduce teachers and students with cloud-computing and empower them for using cloud-based tools in their everyday tasks. Partners have already created the digital educational materials for teachers, and on the Transnational Meeting in Bulgaria they came up with a plan how to test the created materials in order to check their quality and efficiency.

Project partners have created more than 170 digital educational materials for teachers that show how to use particular free online cloud-based tools. Materials encompass interesting video tutorials about using cloud-based tools in teaching, are prepared in three languages and are ready for watching or downloading free of charge in the online repository.

In order to come up with an effective way of testing the created educational materials, project partners have organized a Transnational Meeting in Bulgaria in November 2021. Secondary School St. St. Cyril and Methodius from Smolyan, Bulgaria, organized and hosted the meeting. Most of the other partners’ representatives have joined the meeting in Bulgaria and some of the representatives have joined the meeting online. During the project meetings held on 10th and 11th November 2021, the partners analysed possible methods of testing the materials and decided on the most favourable way to implement the pilot process.

Namely, the pilot process, testing of created educational materials for teachers, will take place simultaneously in four schools involved in the project – Secondary School St. St. Cyril and Methodius (Bulgaria), Ludina Primary School and Primary School Horvati (Croatia) and College Jules Reydellet (France). More than 30 teachers from these schools will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge on the use of cloud tools with the help of online repository. Afterwards, they will try to create interactive quizzes and presentations as well as use the collaboration tools on their own.

With the help of online survey, partners will gather teachers’ opinions on the created materials and very valuable suggestions for possible improvement of the online repository. In this way, partners will ensure the high quality of educational materials that are available free of charge to all teachers interested in gaining insights into new methods of teaching and working with students. Namely, educational materials are prepared in a way that can be useful to all teachers, regardless of which subject they teach and regardless of their previous knowledge about using the cloud tools. Consequently, teachers will find it easier to help students mastering the use tools of cloud-based tools.

Finally, the Transnational Meeting in Bulgaria resulted with pilot process implementation plan and it was very productive and inspiring. Due to pandemic restrictions in the previous period, partners had the opportunity to meet in person one year after the project start. Many thanks to our colleagues from Secondary School St. St. Cyril and Methodius, Smolyan on the organization of the meeting as well as to all project partners on excellent cooperation since the beginning of the project. We will inform the audience on the pilot process results and other project milestones!

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