1708, 2021

Creating digital educational materials on using cloud-based tools for teachers, within the Kids in Clouds project

August 17, 2021|

Erasmus+ project Kids in Clouds aims to introduce kids with cloud-computing in order to help them naturally adopt this technologies.  The first step on this path is to make it easier for teachers to use cloud-based tools so that afterwards they can successfully introduce their students to cloud-computing. Therefore, Algebra and project partners - teachers from French, Bulgarian and Croatian [...]

704, 2021

Results of the research on using digital technology and cloud-based tools in schools

April 7, 2021|

Digital technologies and cloud-based services are often used in various industries and occupations, so the assumption is that today's generations of students will use cloud-based services very often in their workplace. Therefore, Kids in Clouds project aims to introduce students with cloud computing at the beginning of education process in order to naturally adopt this way of learning and working [...]

112, 2020

We are a proud lead partner of the Erasmus+ Kids in Clouds project

December 1, 2020|

This year we are a proud lead partner of the Erasmus+ project Kids in Clouds, which aims to introduce cloud-computing to kids - introduce them with cloud-based environment as early as the first grade of the primary school. The basic premise of the project is that students should encounter cloud-computing at the beginning of education in order to easily adopt [...]

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